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These are the promotions for all your IMDB needs! Deliver real hits to your IMDB profile page. Increase your exposure and popularity on IMDB Star Meter. Promote your MOVIE, PRODUCER, and/or ACTOR profiles these IMDB promotions will gain the traffic and results. Check out the options below and lets increase your IMDB visibility!

* We are a specialized service that gets you more real Plays and widget hits on IMDB so that you can promote your products and services or simply gain more exposure to people who are actually interested in what you do. * We don’t use spammy ‘bots’, ‘automatic programs’, software or shady techniques to get your real Plays and widget hits. We get you your IMDB real Plays and widget hits by using the latest manual techniques with a team of people working 24/7 to carefully handle your account. * No risk of getting banned or suspended. We carefully handle every single account to make sure your real Plays and widget hits are added in ethical and satisfactory means.


*IMDB has specific rules, regulations and limitations. We know from experience you will be wasting your money and/or get your page compromised unless you are doing legitimate promotional work. Please be safe and only use Capacity Productions.

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