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We are located in the United States (Orlando FL & Los Angeles CA).
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We provide a money-back guarantee. Our results are real.
If you have any questions; please email or call.

Capacity Productions dominates in digital social networking environment with amazing service and results. In an industry where reliability can be few and far between, I would highly recommend all of the services provided by Rob and Capacity Productions to any artist or company looking for a REAL expansion of any of their social networking platforms." - Thank you very much Rob! - Greg - Music Connection Magazine and Momentum Music LLC

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"Premavara worked on tracks with artists such as Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka, Styles P, The Game, Wutang & The Pharcyde Memebers, Canibus, M-Eighty, Killah Priest, Eagle, GMoney, FoXX, Greeph, Gmoney, ETM Thunder and Many More. I am managed by Boot Camp ENT and CEO Shane Wall, and we would GO NO WHERE ELSE FOR OUR PROMOTIONS. CAPACITY PROMOTIONS IS NOT ONLY THE FASTEST, BUT THE MOST PROFESSIONAL, AND JUST INCREDIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Capacity Productions for promos for LIFE! They are the best, with the best prices, and the best staff. Thanks to everyone there for all there hard work and amazing speed and accuracy. They are TRUE PROFESSIONALS!" -Premavara Management- Boot Camp Enterprises

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"Rob is a tenacious and driven player who is motivated to deliver a project on time and on budget every time. A great creative thinker with strong virile ideas he knows how to get the job done and that's what has ensured that he has been an active member of my network for many years now. I have no trouble recommending Rob to my colleagues around the world." -Mike Puskas, Sugar Filly Records, Dead Famous Artists

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"Capacity Productions is absolutely amazing! Within weeks we had gone from unknown on the web, to having hundreds and thousands of incoming friends, likes, plays, and tweets! I would recommend CP to ANYONE who asks! Without them, there would be no us! Thanks CP!" - Rob ( Vs Me )

"I've been watching the numbers grow so strategically perfect:) The numbers are steadily growing..it's amazing. The way you promote and add more likes to our page so strategic and just so pro-you guys are the best most efficient team ever!! Honestly I heart u guys!! You're helping us so much I'm looking forwards to purchase more packages from you guys!" -Emma M.

"Hey Guys! Thank you so much I see the "Likes" and it looks good. I'm hyped and very pleased with CP! You guys are great! Thank you again. CP is and will always be on part of our team at Tishri Records Inc. John Davis Jade scores are rising and people are talking and signing on! Got love CP." - Guillermo, Tishri Records Inc.

"Hi. A band that I am friends with used you guys for promotion. They got onto the top 10 charts for metal music and were contacted by labels shortly after. " -Anonymous

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"Fast, Result Driven, Effective and Affordable Promotions! An everyday part of American Impact Publishing Operations." -Rene Labre

"Hi. A band that I am friends with used you guys for promotion. They got onto the top 10 charts for metal music and were contacted by labels shortly after. " -Anonymous

"Capacity Productions is a company that not only keeps their word but in my experience with them, has surpassed my expectations. I understand that results may vary but, in my case, they said I would have over 2,500 plays on youtube within a week but in the end, I ended up with over 7,000!!! I definitely recommend capacity productions and look forward to continue working with them in the future." -Dre The Concept (Thanks again for your exceptional performance!)


"Capacity Productions is a great website, they are really fast at what they do and really reliable, will be working with them again for sure." -DJ Brawice

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Capacity Productions is one of my solid connections with excellent work of art and a reliable business associate with very positive strategic objectives. Great Business !!!!" -Kroffi Reggae Entertainment, CEO/Owner

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"I'm in the music biz and Rob and his company fit the needs of, not just me, but the thousands of others like me, who need radio play and a rep for their musical endeavors. Check out the Capacity website and comments, that should let you know that Rob is a GO! Best, Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative" -Steve Crabtree

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ALSO, check out the video from our last event and flash mob we organized!

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